Blackpool Promenade in the Rain

Today was officially my last day with a salaried job.  My one task for the day was to return various items of IT equipment.  I had to go to Cheadle and Lytham St. Annes.  I had a short chat in Cheadle with a colleague before driving up a wet and windy motorway to Lytham.  My time on site there was brief, I said farewell to my manager and headed up the road  to Blackpool to get some lunch and to take a few photographs.


The weather in Blackpool was terrible, it was cold and wet.  If I’d had a warm fleece and a proper set of waterproofs with me I could have quite enjoyed the challenge of taking photographs there.   Although I did get some shots which may be suitable for submission to my photo library, I was a little too wet and cold to carry on shooting for long.  At some point I will go back.


Party Guest


Tomorrow I will be having “open house” in the evening to celebrate my 40th birthday and my change of career.  Chris, a friend from my Polytechnic days who is staying the weekend, arrived this evening.  I collected him from Stockport Bus station (having stopped to take a couple of shots en route).  Sybil (our timid cat) spent a while making a fuss of Chris and even sat on his lap for a while.  Chris is highly honoured he is the first person other than Ann and I who has had Sybil on their lap!