Ow, my head hurts!

I had an accident in the shower this morning.  We have a problem with back mold in our shower, as I was trying to clean it off the sealent I banged my head on the ceramic soap dish and shattered it (the dish, not my head!).

As a result a significant portion of today has been spent chipping the broken dish off the wall, and sticking in a replacement tile.  I also took the opportunity to remove the moldy sealent, and then resealing the shower.

This was not the way I had hoped to be spending the day, because as you may have read yesterday I was due to have a session photographing a model today – unfortunately we had to postpone it as she isn’t feeling too well and we’ve rescheduled for next month.  So instead of creating stock images of a beautiful girl, I only got to photograph a broken soap dish…. somehow I doubt there is much of a market such pictures.

Ho hum!