I’ve recently discovered Wayfaring.  Those who read yesterday’s diary entry may have noticed that I created a Wayfaring ViewPoint to show where St. Paul’s church is in Heaton Moor.

It occured to me that combining Wayfaring and this photo diary might make an effective way of showing off my Travel Photography.  So when a photograph in the diary has a specific location, I’ll try to also add it to My Wayfaring Map and link the map to the diary entry and vice-versa.  I’ll probably plot some of the past diary entries but mainly I’ll add the locatons of new entries (when there is a location to add).

So what to use as today’s picture of the day then?  Well, what can be more appropriate than a signpost!

So to view the Wayfaring Waypoint for this signpost and find out where it is – click here.