The Wizard’s Well Rock Carving

This is about the clearest image I managed to get of the Wizard carving at Alderly Edge yesterday.  It is very heavily erroded (as you can see) and I guess that anyone who didn’t know what they were looking at would be hard pushed to work out what they were looking at.  I’ve posted it to Photographers Direct and I can but wait and see if I get a sale from it. 

The writting under the carving reads:  “Drink of this and take thy fill, for the water falls by the Wizard’s will” 

The local legend is that the Wizard of Alderly Edge guards the place where King Arthur lies asleep, waiting to be awoken when England faces it it’s greatest threat.  All I can say is his alarm clock must be faulty as we’ve already had to endure 6 seasons of Big Brother!

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