15 April 2006
Please Note: Due to having no internet access while visiting Tunisia, this photodiary is running late! I will be posting two or three times each day for the next week or so until the diary is running in ‘real time’ again.  Please be sure to use the ‘previous’ link to ensure that you don’t miss any entries.

3 April 2006 – Tunis
Today we caught the train up to Tunis.  We are spending three nights in Tunis in order to visit some of the places in this area.  I’ve been learning a lot recently about making photographs instead of just taking them when they arrive.  This shot is a case in point.  I saw the clothes hanging up and decided that a image of the clothes filling the frame would look pretty good.  But it laked a focus to the image.  I noticed that a lot of people were walking past so I set the camera up and waiting for an interesting individual to go by.  I was fortunate to see this woman in the traditional black jilbab dress look look at belly dancing costumes as she passed the shop.  A real clash of cultures if ever there was one.