Coventry Cathedral

4 May 2006
Due to a number of reasons this photo diary is currently running in a timeline all of its own.  That means that images are being posted about two weeks late!  Please bear with me… all the entries for all the days do exist… but  rather than swamp you with two weeks worth of pictures in one go I’m uploading two or three images each day until I manage to catch up.  So use the ‘previous’ link to ensure you don’t miss any!

14 April 2006 – Good Friday
Today is the day we remember Jesus death on the cross.  He died to bring forgiveness to mankind.  In 2003 I visited Coventry Cathedral which was destroyed during a bombing raid durring the second world war.  I was struck by the simple cross on top of the alter.  Made from burnt beams found in the destruction.  Inscribed on the wall behind it two words that Jesus spoke as he was nailed to his cross:  “Father Forgive”.