The Nador of Monastir Ribat

19 April 2006
Please Note: Due to having no internet access while visiting Tunisia, this photodiary is running late! I will be posting two or three times each day for the next week or so until the diary is running in ‘real time’ again.  Please be sure to use the ‘previous’ link to ensure that you don’t miss any entries.

9 April 2006 – Monastir
We took a taxi ride over to Monastir today (about 15-20 mins drive from Sousse).  Like souse there is an 8th or 9th Centuary Ribat (Fortified monastry) in the town.  The main feature of which is a round tower called a nador.  When ever I photograph towers I’m always on the lookout for interesting ways to compose the image.  Here I managed to find an arch way, which if I contorted myself in to just the right position I could use to frame the tower.

(Well, I thought it worked!)