The olde trip to Jerusalem pub

12 May 2006
My best attempts to get this photo diary running on “real time” aren’t working.  The latest break in service was due to a lack of a reliable internet service from my ISP.  That means that images are still being posted about two weeks late!  Please bear with me… all the entries for all the days do exist… but  rather than swamp you with two weeks worth of pictures in one go I’m uploading several images each day until I manage to catch up.  So use the ‘previous’ link to ensure you don’t miss any!

Today’s theme – May Day Bank Holiday Weekend.

30 April – Nottingham
After attending morning service in Southwell, and after a very nice lunch, Ann and I caught the tram into Nottingham.  I had three objectives (photographically speaking) for the trip: 

  • Firstly to photograph one of Nottingham’s new trams (they were still laying the tracks for them last time I visited the city)
  • Secondly to get some updated images of the Robin Hood statue – I’ve had good sales from my last set and wanted to try to get yet another angle on it.
  • Thirdly I wanted to photograph some of the unusual bits of Archetecture from the city.

The last objective is the subject of today’s image.  The Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub, situated in the shadow of Nottingham Castle.  The weather was not kind to me – dull, flat, uninteresting light with plain white skies.  Time to use my what to do in bad weather tricks… trick 24… had the white sky behind a tree!