Water Channel next to the Suez Cannal

14 June 2006 – let me appologise for the lack of posting over the last week.  I’ve been moving my websites to a new server.  (And I still am for that matter).  Most have moved ok, but the imb.biz domain (and thus my potd.imb.biz) took a little longer than planned – problem was down to getting the name (imb.biz) to point to the new server.

So allow me to catch up by posting details of some recent sales…  A photograph of a fresh water channel running alongside Egypt’s Bitter Lakes. The Bitter lakes connect the Reed Sea to the Suez Canal.  For those who are interested the Bitter Lakes are the Biblical location Mara.  Where Moses made the water sweet by throwing in a stick.

This is definately one of those cases where you take the photo – just in case.  But never really believing that anyone would want to buy a photo of something this obscure.  Still – I’m not complaining.

Country: United States
Usage: Editorial
Media: Book- Academic/Educational
Industry: Media Industry
Sub-Industry: Publishing
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/2 page
Start: 01 June 2006
End: 01 June 2007