Firstly, let me appologise for the break in photos over the last couple of weeks – this has been down to a number of things but mainly due to a lack of hours in the day!  At the start of the month I had to transfer all my web sites to new servers, followed by a wedding (to photograph) and another wedding album to prepare, on top of that there has been….  but I’m boring you!  What you want to know about are the photographs.

Tonight was the first ‘proper’ (non-planing) meeting of the C3 Photography Group that I’m involved with.  Most of the evening was a “show and tell” where we each brought along a few photos to show and talked about.  Included in my photos was this image of Akhenaten the heratic pharoah – he tried to abolish worship of the old Egyptian gods and told people that there was only one God. . . .  unfortuately he considered the one god to be the Aten or the Sun and made people stand out in the sun all day to worship it!

Another photo I took along to C3 was this one of Robin Hood.