Recently I posted some photos of early sales.  While I was gathering the information for that I came across a journal I started when I was leaving my IT job to start this freelance career.  The journal only lasted (in an electronic form) for a few weeks but it was to become the inspiration for this POTD.

So hop aboard my TARDIS and come back in time with me to see the first two entries to that journal:

http://www.imb.biz/page.php?pg=diary&d=2003-05-07 and

Photoshop Info
For those interested in how I created today’s POTD.  I took a photo of an old Doctor Who money box sitting on a bit of white card.  In photoshop I was able to ‘cut out’ the TARDIS.   Next I created a new layer in photoshop, I then selected two colours a dark blue and a very pale blue and used filter|render|clouds to create a background.  I then applied another filter to it filter|distort|spiral – that gave the “time vortex” effect.  The image was finished by positioning the TARDIS at an angle.