Taking Sides

The answer to yesterday’s “Guess Why?” image is that the photos form the backgrounds for the cast photographs for Stockport Garrick’s production of “Taking Sides.”

Today’s photo is one example of what the finished photographs look like. For the photographers reading this blog, here’s the technical information:

The blue background was selected and converted to grey (I didn’t have grey sheet of paper so I used blue with the knowledge that it contrasted from the brown of the folder so I could easily select the background).

The typewriter font was a free download from an on-line sourse. The text was then just superimposed on the image.

The paperclip was ‘cut round’ in photoshop and duplicated on to a higher layer so that the image which formed the photograph could be placed underneath it.

The original cast photo was colour. I converted it to black and white using a “gradient map” in photoshop. The white border and the drop shadow were added to the photograph layer using layer styles.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a source of free photographs.
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Image Reference: EZ0113A-E00164