As I continue to upload the 2003 entries to this journal, I feel like I’m living in two time zones… and in both I’m battling PC problems!

Here in 2007 one of my two troublesome monitors is going back to the manufacturer tomorrow.  They asked me to put it back in its box for the courier to collect… problem the base of the monitor is designed such that once you attach it, there is no way it will come off again.  As a consequence the monitor won’t go back in the box.  My solution… cut two holes (as shown above) to let it stick out of the box! 

With regards to the other monitor problem – the interference lines.  I had set aside some time today to track down which component is causing the interference.  Only to find that the interference didn’t happen today!  It’s gone away I thought… only for it to come back this evening after a reboot.  Ahhhgh!

Meanwhile the part of me living back in 2003 is struggling with a dead motherboard…. and