Stockport Garrick: Season’s Greetings

Occasionally people ask me why I run this photo of the day.  There are lots of reasons, including wanting to show off my work, and encouraging me to take new photos.  One of the most important reasons is of course to promote my work.  It is surprising the number of visitors who come to this site because words in my blog/POTD entry turn up on a search they are doing.  Oddly two of the most common search phrases that bring people to this site are “The Dutch Pancake House” and “Sam Troughton” !   Now, people who come to the site with those searches probably won’t think – wow, it’s a photographer’s website I’ll go book a portrait session, but if in the future they are looking for a photographer or are looking for stock images and come accross the name “Ian M Butterfield” they may think, oh yes, I’ve heard of him – I don’t  where from – but I know the name.  If you are faced with choosing between two suppliers and you’ve heard of one, there is a high probability that you will go with the one you’ve heard of.  In advertising, they call it “Brand Awareness”.

In December, I photographed “Season’s Greetings” at Stockport Garrick.  One member of the cast was Steve Hester (that’s him in today’s photo).  Steve is a professional actor with a number of stage, and screen credits to his name.  Younger viewers may have spotted him on Saturday morning TV recently in a program called Prank Patrol.  Steve has some of my photos from Season’s Greetings on his website.  Those photos have a credit and link back to my website – again this is yet another way to create brand awareness, and the links back to this site increase my Google rating. 

So to return the favour to Steve Hester (notice how I’ve written his name in full to increase brand awareness! <grin>) I’d like to draw your attention to his website: and invite you to visit it. (Link to Steve’s web site that’ll improve his Google ranking).  So if you happen to be a casting director who has found this page because you were Googling for “Sam Troughton” can I recommend Steve Hester as a possible alternative…. and… oh yes…. of course you WILL need a photographer for your production too… won’t you?  So remember that other name: “Ian M Butterfield”