Coal Merchant Huts, Heaton Moor

I had to go in to Heaton Moor today to collect some regular treatments for our cats from the vets.  I decided to take my camera to get a photograph of this building.  It is florist located in an old wooden coal merchant hut.

I’ve been meaning to photograph the huts for quite some time now.  I should have done it a year or so back… when there was a line of five of them.  A few months ago the end one collapsed, and like dominos the next three went with it.  All that remains is this florist which now occupies the first two huts.

I don’t know what all the huts used to be but there used to be a taxi office running out of one and an ironing service out of another.

The huts can be found on the corner of Heaton Moor Road and Tatton Road South, next to Heaton Chapel station.  They are apparently about 150 years old.