A traditional cart outside of Molly Gallivan’s cottage and tea room, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Adobe have finally released version 1.0 of Lightroom.  This is suposed to be the all-singing, all-dancing, raw processing, cataloging, printing, programing.

I have to say I have VERY mixed feelings about this product.  I really hate the way they bought up pixmantec and took Raw Shooter Professional (RSP) off the market, claiming that it would be part of lightroom.  Lightroom (LR) couldn’t be further away from if they tried.  RSP was a single function program – it converted RAW files and it did it in a very slick, fast, easy to use method.  LR on the other hand is anything but intuative and is slow to use.

Having said all that the level of control it gives over how an image is converted is great, there are many tasks that can be done in lightroom that are completely impossible in RSP.  Take todays image for example the black and white plus red was a doddle to do in LR.  The quality of the raw conversions is very, very good.  But and it is a big but… it is all the other things that get in the way… it enforces you to use LR as an image catelog.  This just gets in the way, so much so that I wonder if the great output quality is worth all the hassle that the image catalog creates.

So the jurry is out… more testing required… including looking at the alternatives.

PS.  The answer to yesterday’s puzzle…. 383 floppy disks were used to create yesterdays photo.