The Three Graces, Liverpool Waterfront

Today’s photo is from a set of photos I took on my 40th Birthday – back in 2003 (I’m starting to feel old as I write this!).  It was a very dull and wet day as we took a cruise along the Manchester Ship canal but enjoyable all the same.  Because of the weather conditions I converted this particular image to sepia tone.

As for what I’ve been doing today, I’ve been preparing a montage for a customer, and preparing for a photo shoot at Stockport Garrick tonight.  The produciton is called “Shut Up” and is being put on by the threatre’s youth group.  Because the production is by the youth group I cannot post the photos to my POTD – so if you want to see the photos… they will be on the wall of the Garrick when the show opens tomorrow… you’ll just have to go and watch the show!

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