Shredding banks statements

One of our favourite programmes on TV is “The Real Hustle”.  After watching the last series we decided we should invest in a shredder.  This evening I spent half an hour or so just feeding old bank statements into the shredder.  It occured to me that this would make a good stock photo so I set up this shot, which will eventually find it’s way on to Alamy.

In case any one is wondering… I have digitally removed or modified any valuable information from the statement in the photo.  So don’t even bother trying to read the account number etc.  Besides which the last line on the statement says “account closed” (!).

After shredding the statements we sat down to watch a brand new hour-long episode of the “Real Hustle”.  Those that watch the programme will know that most scams start by offering something great at the start but leave you often with second hand goods.  This was alegedly a new one hour special.  OK the first scam was a new one and two others toward the end were new ones… but the rest was stuff from previous shows… mainly from the Christmas special.  On this occasion the programme has scammed it’s viewers into thinking it was a full hour of new matterial when infact only about 10 minutes of it was new.  I’m sure there’s a moral to this story if only I can find it.