Finger Print

Yesterday I posted a photo of Ann and myself.  It was a photo I had taken, and to be honest it isn’t really my best work – it definately isn’t very flattering of me (but then what photo is?). 

I find self portraits very difficult to get right, take todays image for example it was created for a contract that didn’t happen in my very first week of being self-employed.  The image you can see here is actually made up of four diferent photos.  The background is a photo I had taken in Jordan, scanned and blurred in photoshop,  the picture of me was taken at home against a white background (also blurred in photoshop).  The hand was from a different photo from the same shoot and the figerprint was made using a little bit of poster paint, my finger, a piece of paper and a scanner. The problem is actually getting myself in shot and in focus – it took a lot of attempts to get images that I could use (that is why the hand is from a different shot to the rest of me).

It was a similar problem yesterday – I was tiered after the earlier shoot and constantly getting up checking the camera setting it to self-timer and then sitting down in time for the shutter to click, has led to the unflattering image that I posted yesterday.

For more about when today’s POTD was originally taken you might want to have a look at Monday, 19 May 2003 : The New Job Starts Here (which shows the shot the hand came from) and for a rather bizzare story about jelly babies you might want to read the other entry I’ve uploaded – Tuesday, 20 May 2003 : The Great Jelly Baby Hunt !