A whitewashed tower in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

It has been a very frustraiting day.  Yesterday I had made real progress (or so I thought) on the images I’m preparing for library submission.  This morning I discovered that I had a setting in Photoshop set incorrectly for the last day and a half… when meant that over half of the images I’d worked on yesterday and some from the day before have to be recovered from back up and redone.

For those who use Photoshop, the problem was that I thought thought I was doing a simple crop of my images but in reality the images were being resized and resampled at the same time.  (There was a value set for width in the crop perameters – it should have been (and normally is) left blank).

So all I’ve spent most of today redoing images that I thought I finished with… yes today’s POTD is one of those images.