Video cable question mark

Today I got a phone call from a friend who was having trouble recabling his TV, Video, Cable Box and DVD player.  It it all used to work before he unplugged it… now it doesn’t since he put it back together again. 

First rule of technology… if it is working don’t take it apart.
Second rule of technology… if you have to take it apart… make a note where all the cables came from!

Ok, so my friend did have a good reason for taking the cables out.  And it sounded as though he had put all the cables back in the right places.  But it still wasn’t working.  I suggested swapping over two cables.  There was no real evidence that this would solve it, but suggesting it always makes it sound as though I know what I’m talking about, and on this occasion surprisingly it did solve it.  My friend is happy, and my reputation as a technology guru remains intact!

The whole experience inspired todays POTD, a set of video cables in the form of a question mark – that’s got to be a marketable image…. hasn’t it?