The visitor’s centre at Mizen Head, Co. Cork – Ireland’s most south westerly point.

Today’s POTD image may not look very special to you.  But it is certainly a very important image to me.  This is my first Geotagged photograph.  What is Geotagging?  Geotagging is encoding *within an image* details of latitude and longitude for where the photograph was taken.

I have for a while been placing images on maps (see for an example of a map of Rome) but that location data hasn’t been recorded anywhere – other than on the specific map.  Now using a couple of modified scripts I’m able to locate a photograph on GoogleEarth ( store that information in IMatch (the image management database I use) then when I generate an image (for example for flickr) the location data is encoded into it such that it can automatically be plotted on a map.  To see this in action you can look at todays POTD in flickr: – and click on “map” to see where it was taken.

OK so this isn’t that interesting by itself, but suppose you have a lot of GeoTagged photos all in say Rome, or Luxor, or Manchester.  This would be one very neat way for people to find the photos they want.  And that is why this humble little image is so important it is the start of being able to offer photo buyers a graphical way to find the travel images thay are looking for.   And that is why this is a very important image to me.