Mdina Architecture

Today we visited Malta so called “Silent City” Mdena.  Probably the highest point on the island, this walled city is yet another location with amazing architecture to see.  The city has been preserved and almost everything is in keeping with its historical past.  The weather was mixed some blue sky photo opportunities and some opportunities with even light for those subjects where you don’t want sharp shadows. (Overcast in other words).

After lunch we went outside the city of Mdena in to Rabat and visited St. Pauls catacombs – an amazing vast underground burial site carved out of the rock.  This gave some interesting photo opportunities such as photographing one catacombe using only a torch for light.  I’ll post some photos from the catacombes at at a later date and explain how they were taken. But as at least one reader of this POTD is looking forward to seeing the silent city I’m posting that today.