Valletta Dawn

This morning I set my alarm early – 6.30am Malta time – I wanted to get a last shot of Malta before flying home.  The view I wanted was from the top of the hotel looking across the harbour towards the Valletta skyline.  Sadly the shoot was not to be – foiled by two factors firstly the door to the roof-top sun deck was locked at 6.30am!  And secondly the we didn’t get the spectactular sunrise I was hoping for.

The photo I’ve posted was taken yesterday morning at a little after 7.30am.  The sun was too high and in completely the wrong place for the shot.  The colour of the original image was non-existant.  I’ve digitally enhanced the image to try to give at least a glimpse of what I wanted to try to capture this morning.

The flight home was pretty straight forward (if a little bumpy at times) and we are now safely home.