Barclays PINsentry

I had to do pay some bills on-line today.  For the last few months I’ve been forced by Barclays to use this PINsentry device.  I really don’t like it.  I know the aim is to improve security for on-line accounts but this really makes accessing my account so clumbersome.

  • I have to enter into the browser a 12 digit membership ID (ok this can be saved in the cookie)
  • I then have to enter 5 digits from the card in to the browser. 
  • Insert the card into the PINsentry and enter a 4 digit PIN into the sentry.
  • Then I have to enter the 8 digit number displayed on the PINsentry into the browser.

So thats a total of SEVENTEEN digits (best case) or TWENTY-NINE if the membership ID isn’t in the cache, to view my account information!  This is overkill!

With that number of digits to type in I usually, I make at least one typo and have to start over.  Also the Barclays website is very tempremental.  Hit the browser back button… you get logged out.  Get a double bounce with the mouse… you get logged out.  Leave the page for more than a couple of minutes because you are looking up some other data…. you get logged out.  I know! All of the above happend to me this morning!

Ok, rant over.