Reading in

Another update on the progress of Witness for the Prosecution. 

This photo is of Derek, the Woodford Players’ President.  He’s great, willing to turn his hand to most jobs in the society.  But tonight his most important task was to read in for missing characters.

I guess every play has times when cast members are going to be missing.  Sometimes it can’t be helped.  At tonights rehearsal I had less than 50% of the people called to the rehearsal.  Lots of perfectly legitimate reasons, prior engagements, working away, and illness.

But it does make it very difficult to rehearse.  Thankfuly we have Derek who was willing to read in for the missing witnesses and I read in for a missing barister. We got through it.  However even that seemed a little futile when we discovered at one point that the only two people talking were Derek and I reading in for missing people!

(For the photographers reading this – I this shot was yet another test shot using the flash – no failures yet since yesterday’s firmware upgrade)