Jade Cartwright at Focus on Imaging 2008

Today was a first… I photographed a “page 3” model!  (As you can see see was fully clothed).

As you may recall from yesterday’s POTD I’ve been visiting “Focus on imaging” at the NEC the last couple of days.  In order to promote/sell studio lighting set ups a number of the stands have studio setups and models.  Visitors to the show are invited to take a couple of shots to try out the equipment.  At the bowens stand I was invited to tryout a rather bizzare flash set up which was supposed to a sort of “ring flash” but attached to a standard flash head.  “All done with mirrors” the man doing the demo explained.

I was given the opportunity to take a few shots using the studio setup, connected the flash remote to my camera and took some shots.  I discovered later the flash set up gave a red eye effect on the model (not what I would have expected from a major studio equipment manufacturer).  I also discovered later that the model in question was Jade Cartwright, who is apparently a “Page Three” girl.