Parrs wood

Readers of the POTD, and anyone who has has heard me talk about “Night Photography” will know that I always, always, recomend about 20-30 min after sunset as the time to do your ‘night’ photos.  (When the last vestiges of sunlight from over the horizon balance the artifical lights).

In photography however, rules are made to be broken.  Tonight I called off at Parrs Wood, to take some night shots.  It was a good few hours after sunset, and while it is not my normal time for these shots I thought it might work because I wanted to get the lights in the trees.  The lights are blue and about the same sort of shade that the sky would appear on film if taken 20-30 mins after sunset, and I didn’t want the lights to disappear into the sky.  Secondly, I knew I wanted to shoot from under the trees.  This meant I wouldn’t have a big black expanse of sky – that would be filled with the trees and lights.

Overall the shot is ok but, I have still got the problem of overexposed lights on the buildings.  At some point I’ll have to go back and try again.  Having seen the results I’m now thinking that about 45mins after sunset should give me the effect I wanted.