Stockport viaduct and pyramid at night

Recently on Fridays I’ve been meeting up with Matt, a member of the C3 Photography group that I run.  Matt is looking into what is involved in becoming a professional photographer and I sharing with him what I’ve learned.

Matt is full of enthusiasm and is always keen to get out with his camera to get some shots.  So where possible we try to do a shoot when we meet up.  Today we went in to Stockport to shoot the pyramid and viaduct at night. 

For those who don’t know, there is a trick to this type of photography, and that is don’t do it at night!  The time for ‘night’ photography is about 20-30 mins after sunset when the last traces of sunlight from over the horrizon just balances out the artifical lights used to flood light buildings and structures.

The shot I’ve posted as my POTD was exactly what I wanted to get.  For a number of years now I’ve had a photograph on my bussiness cards and on certain promotional materials.  It is this photo……

Stockport – My Home Town

A lot of people have heard me say that I actually don’t like this photo, but I use it on my bussines card because it is one photo that a lot of people comment about, and it appears that a lot of people like it.  I don’t like it because I had to digitally remove lamp posts, I had to use a tobacco filter (“So 1980’s” as the manager of one photo library told me!).  It is a fake shot.

My aim tonight was to get a night time version of this photo, which didn’t require me to fake it.  I think I managed it.