C3 at S3

I’ve been experimenting with 360 degree panaramas.  I’ve got two on a test web page:  http://www.imb.biz/page.php?pg=pano – you really need to go to that page to see today’s POTD! 

The first image on the page was created this morning at church, just after lunch and is pretty seamless.

The other image on that page was my first attempt at doing this last Friday at New Mills.  It has loads of errors in it.  Mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t using a tripod for large sections of it and so I got a lot of paralax errors.

More experimentation needed.  Also a great deal of market reasearch also needed.  Is there a market for such images (I believe there is) is it worth investing the time and and equipment needed to do these sorts of images?  Don’t know.