Damaged Lamp post

I was accused of being desperate for ideas today, and I guess today’s POTD will only confirm that theory.  Actually, I’m not lacking ideas, just time.  Add to that the fact that the weather has been very poor this last week. So, it hasn’t encouraged me to go out shooting.

Todays POTD is all about two damaged street lights, the first, the main POTD image, is the light outside our house.  Ann found it was missing it’s cover and had wires exposed.  (Before you critisise this photo remember that although I didn’t go very far to take the photo today, at least I took it during daylight hours, which is more than I have done for the last three).

The other photo is more interesting. It is a sale that came through yesterday, a damaged carving on a menorah in the Jewish Quarter (a.k.a the Ghetto) in Rome.

Country: Italy
Usage: Editorial
Media: Trade magazine
Industry: Travel and Tourism
Sub-Industry: Travel Agents/Operators)
Print run: up to 25,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/8 page
Start: 11 March 2008
End: 11 April 2008

A wall mounted relief of a Menorah found in the Jewish Ghetto, Rome.