GP4 Game

Today I finished the PC upgrade.  More by accident than by design, the installation of the software went so quickly that I’d finished the basic windows installation and major software instalation before I’d realised it.

I’ve discovered two problems with the upgrade.  The first is that I keep doing certain tasks twice – simply because I’m not used to them completing so quickly and I keep assuming I must have hit the cancel button instead of the OK button.   The other problem is more serious – I don’t get half as many tea breaks now!

After all installing all the work related things during the day, I decided to have some fun this evening and loaded GP4 a formula 1 game I bought a year ago but was never really able to play properly before the upgrade.

Technical note for the photographers – the POTD photo had to be taken as two different shots.  Firstly I took a shot with the monitor display correctly exposed (no flash used) because it would reflect off the screen.  Secondly I used a flash to correctly expose for the game wheel and combined the two photos in photoshop.  Because the screen was in focus in it’s shot I added a little bit of gausian blur to the screen to make it look as though it was just slight out of focus (like the keyboard is).