PC Insides

I could stand the slowness of my PC no longer.  Today I started the upgrade.  It was all going well, a lot easier than previous upgrades (either I’m getting better at this or manufacturers are making components ian-proof) then I hit a snag.  My ATX motherboard, in my ATX case, with an ATX power supply has 24 pins on the power connector socket… the aformentioned ATX power supply has only 20 pins on the corresponding plug.  May be it’s not that ian-proof after all.  Tomorrow I have to buy a new power supply.

Just a quick tecnical note about the photo.  Taken using my flash gun, ETTL mode and bounced of the ceiling to reduce the shadows in the case.  The show could do with a greater depth of field but because the flash was being bounced this was the smallest apperture I could achieve.