Umbrellas and rain drops

This photo is why I do the POTD.  I would never have taken this photo, had I not been searching round the house for something to photograph at 10.30pm because I’m still trying to ensure that this year each of my POTD images was actually taken on the day it is posted.

As I write this POTD entry the images have been processed, keyworded and are on there way to Alamy to go on sale.  The POTD is what has encouraged me to make that happen. 

For the photo geeks who want to know how the image was created… the photo was taken using a soft box behind the umbrella to give the glow to the umbrella.  An on camera flash gun bounced off the ceiling to illuminate the front of the umbrella and to help make the rain drops sparkle.  The rain drops are of course generated by a plant sprayer.   The whole thing was photographed in our kitchen!