Urban decay in New Mills

Went to New Mills with fellow photographer Matt Couper today.  The weather was dull and overcast, but at least in Torr Vale (a gorge/valley) there are sufficient tall feature to hid the white sky behind.

We spent the first part of our visit photographing the urban decay of the derolict Torr Vale Mill.  This photo shows some of the broken, and boarded up windows.  The strange colour effect is courtesy of Adobe Lightroom and as some free presets by US Photoshop/Lightroom guru Matt Kloskowski (This is using his orange colorizing (he means colourising!) preset).  If you use Lightroom you can download the preset here: http://www.lightroomkillertips.com/2007/monday-presets-colorizing/

If you are a photoshop user or a lightroom user and haven’t come across the www.lightroomkillertips.com website, or http://www.photoshopusertv.com/ you should take a look at these sites because there is treasure trove of useful information and tutorials on how to use both programs.