Memory Errors

Regular readers of my POTD will be aware that the POTD has been on hiatus this last week.  This has all been due to memory problems with the PC, which has been regularly crashing at night – the time I normally post the photo of the day.

I have actually taken photos every day durring these problems and I am in the process of catching up.  However… many of the photos are photos of blue screens of death, or of diagnotic tools running on the PC or the inside of the PC.  I cannot imagine anyone other than the geeks out there being interested in those images, so although I have posted them to the POTD website for completeness, I have not sent them out on the email feed or to the mirror websites (blogger, yahoo, and MSN Live) if you do want to see those pics you will just have to visit the site and step throught them.

As I write this I believe I have solved the problem – it looks like it REALLY was a memory failure.  Memory exchanged on Friday 27th and installed.  Lets hope I never have to post another BSOD photo to the POTD ever again!