I need ideas

At the start of this year I set myself a challenge that I would create at least one  image each day and post it to the POTD.  I am over halfway through the year and so far I have managed to post to the POTD an image created on that day*

But I have to admit with over five and a half months to go I am finding the challenge tough.  With the best will in the world some days I get to nearly midnight and find I have not taken a photo.  On those days I tend to resort to finding something in house to photograph, like a torch, or an ornament or a cat.  If I am really stuck I end up photographing my computer screen.

So readers I need ideas.  Really the kind of ideas that I am looking for are things around the home that I can photograph on those days when I havent been out anywhere to take photos outside.  I am sure you are fed up of looking a photos of my computer screen – so what would YOU like me to photograph on those days when 11.00pm arrives and I still have not taken a photo?

Please use the add comment link to post your suggestions.

(* There have been two days this year when I didnt take a photograph – on those days I posted not a photograph but an approprate graphic and an explanation)