Empty Sundae Glass

“To lose one model may be considered unfortunate, to lose two can only be considered carelesness” – A misquote from Oscar Wilde

I should have a had model shoot today.  The theme is/was food.  Model, being tempted by a piece of cake, model deciding between a healthy apple and a doughnut, model eating strawberries and cream, etc etc.

I’ve had this shoot planed for weeks.  Yesterday I went out to buy all the different food items I would need for the shoot.  The shoot was in North Wales, so this morning I got up early, check everything I needed, put the food items in a cool box to keep them safe for the journey, loaded the car and was just about to set off when I got a text message from the model.  She’s ill.  Shoot cancelled.

Time to unload the car and put the food back in the fridge.

Spent some time on-line trying to find a model who could do the shoot tomorrow (before the food goes off), by mid afternoon I had a model lined up.  Arrangements made, explained what I was trying to achieve with the shoot etc etc.  Late this evening I started to clear the dining room of table and chairs to set up the studio here – we were doing the shoot here.

Time to check my email before going to bed.  Replacement model has had to cancel too.  She can’t find anyone to babysit.  Argh!

So I’ve got a load of food for a photo shoot and no model.  Any one fancy a doughnut?