Sam (Camera Phone Test)

I have a bit of a tradition that the first photo I take with any new camera is of one of the cats.  So as not to break with that tradition here is the first photo take with the camera on my new phone.

The images is more or less straight out of the camera.  I’ve resized it slightly and added to the watermark but that is about it.  The maximum size of image the phone will produce is 1280×1024 pixels so I’m never going to create any marketable images from it.

Also the image quality is both pixelated and very soft.  (So even if the image was big enough it would definately fail Alamy QC!).

It is a shame that I have to transfer the image to my PC before I can upload it but as I’m not likely to be using the camera on the phone very much anyhow I don’t suppose it makes much difference.