Earlier this week I submitted my tax return.  This is a record for me getting it done this early.  Normally (as reader of this POTD my recall) it is normally near the deadline when I do it.

But with the recent problems I’ve had with Quickbooks, I took a decision to get my finances for the last business year done and change to a new bookkeeping package.  After quite a bit of reasearch I believe that “Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Professional” is the best package for me to use.  So with the tax return done, I’ve started entering 2008’s accounts on to the new system.  On the whole I really like “Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Professional” and once I have learnt it properly I believe it will be a lot quicker and easier to use than Quickbooks.  There is one thing I don’t like though the name: “Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Professional” – it really is a bit of a mouthful!