Green Bananas

How long does it take a banana to ripen?  The answer I’m sure is too quickly when you don’t want them too, and not quick enough when you do.  Take these bananas as an example -yes they are green.  I bought them in an “eat me, keep me” pack.  You know the sort of pack – half the bananas are yellow and ready to eat and half are green and will ripen ready to eat by the time you have finished the first half.

I’m the sort of person who doesn’t like spotty bananas, and guess what litterally overnight the the “eat me” half of the pack went from how I like them to what I consider to be over ripe spotty bananas.  (Thankfully Ann likes them like that so they didn’t go to waste).

As for the “keep me” ones well  I’ve been waiting 12 days now for them to go yellow!   I’m not impressed… its driving me…. well… bananas!