A cuddly orangutan wearing headphones.

I had a portrait shoot today – two young boys.  As is my normal practice I set up the studio before hand and to test the set-up and to set exposure I place something where the subjects will be.  In this case I used this large cuddly orangutan. 

As the shoot was of young children I left the orangutan out to entertain the boys during the shoot.  During that time the boys’ mum asked what he was called.  I explained that he is simply called “The Librarian”.  There was a little bit of a giggle from her and from her husband.  So I thought I’d better explain.  He’s named after a character in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels.  The wizard’s library is looked after by an orangutan, who is simply known as “The Librarian”

More looks between the boys’ parents.  They could see I was puzzled – finally they explained.  Mum’s job…. she IS a librarian.  Ooops!