Pond and service station. Stafford Services, Stafford, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

Our alarms went of at at 1:45am (Syrian time – that’s 11.45pm UK time).  Our night flight from Damascus got us into Heathrow at 9.00am this morning.  After collecting the car from the hotel we didn’t get to stay in it was time to drive home.

Surprisingly I wasn’t as tired on the journey as thought I was going to and we only need to make two motorway services stops.  The first for an early lunch, the second at Stafford, to stretch our legs… we took a stroll round the pond.  The temperature is noticably cooler in the UK than we were enjoying in Syria, so the stroll ensured that I was awake enough to drive the last leg of the journey home.

We arrived home mid afternoon.  We are tired, my stomach still isn’t right after the tummy bug I got early in the trip, but despite all the incidencts and memorable events we are still glad that we did the trip.  I have 1851 photos to sort out and that is going to keep me busy for quite some time to come.