Azem Palace – Museum of Popular Tradition

This morning was the final organised item on our tour.  Another walking tour of Damascus. First stop was the Artisan’s market located in an old madrasa.  The shops were closed because it the the start of three days public holiday to celebrate the end of Ramadan.  The market will be open again on Saturday so we will return at that point.

Next we head past the fire station…

…through the souk (which is much quieter than normal due to the public holiday)…

…and arrive at Azem Palace – which is now the Museum of Popular Tradition.

The museum has a number of displays and rooms recreating traditional life in Syria.

After lunch and a siesta back at the hotel we head out again – this time on our own.  We head to the Hejaz Railway station, which used to be used by pilgrims heading to Mecca.  Currently it is a book shop and a cafe.  Soon however it will be part of a new shopping complex.

Outside the station there one of the old steam trains used on the railway…. and three Syrian boys who desperate to appear in my photos of it!

The engine is on display outside the station.