Cheethams Mill, Staleybridge (With Lomo effect)

This afternoon I went over to Cheethams Mill in Stalybridge to get some more background paper for a shoot I have on Saturday.  (Supplier is DPM Wallbank ).  I took my camera to photograph something… anything… just so that I didn’t have to post another still life here.  The weather was really bad for photography wet, dull, dark.  However I discovered a processing preset that takes an images and gives it a “lomo effect”. 

What is a “lomo effect” well it comes from “Lomography” with is a style of photography taken with cameras produced by Lomographische AG (Austria).  Lomography images often have lurid, non-realistic colours, and highly vignetted.  Thus that is what the Lightroom preset/filter I used does.  Hope you found it more interesting that my still life images!

And with this post.  The POTD is finally once again running on real time!  Yeah!!!