Three tin cans – recyling.

9 November 2008
Now this is a little complicated so listen carefully…. 

My photo of the day is running late.  I’ve been planing and taking the photos each day, but I’ve not been behind in the posting of the shots since having no internet access for two weeks while visiting Syria in at the end of September beginning of October.

Somewhere round the last couple of days in October not only was my posting of the POTD late but I managed to get out of sync with the day the photograph taken and the day the photograph was for.  It’s a long story be caused due to planing a photo late at night and not actually taking it.

At around midnight on Monday 3rd November/Tuesday 4th November, I decided to solve one of those problems.. I did a still life shoot of three different subjects.  To be my POTD for 2nd – 4th November.  Those subjects are:

1. Three tins – a stock image to illustrate recycling.

2. A set of handcuffs – a good stock image.  I know from checking my stats at Alamy that people do search for images of handcuffs.  Do I don’t know why they are searching for them.

3. A cacluator with a “You are broke” message on it – Credit crunch – topical image – not a reflection of the state of my business (though I could always do with more sales).

As for the delay in posting images.  Well at the end of these three POTDs I’ll only be four days behind schedule.  So I should be fully up-to-date tomorrow.