18 Dec 2008
Just an explanation and appology for the lack of POTD over the last couple of weeks.  Been rather busy and to be honest struggling to keep doing a photo each day.  Quite a few nights during this last few weeks I’ve got to midnight and realised I haven’t photographed anything.  So I’ve been scrabbling about trying to find something and not had much enthusiasm to then process it and upload it to the POTD.  Thinking never mind I’ll do the uploading tomorrow.  And as we all know tomorrow never comes.

I believe I have got images for each of the missing days and I’ll get them uploaded and catch up ASAP.  The challenge of taking at least one photo every day in 2008 has proved a taxing one and I’m counting down the days to the end of that challenge and the start of a brand new on on the 1st Jan.  But more of that later.  For now I’ll return you back to the 1st December and allow you to catch up with this months POTD images.

1st December 2008
Had a photo shoot with author Allison Forbes today.  Took several images one of which will be on the back cover of her forth coming thriller novel.