The Tenth Doctor

Had to show you this.  This was one of my Christmas presents.  A few years ago a friend, Euan, gave me a set of 1in high minature figures of all the Doctors from Doctor Who.  Euan had painted all the minatures himself.  At the time there had been eight Doctors.  I’ve often joked with my friend that I now need to find a 9th and 10th Doctors for the set.  (The original company that produced the figures didn’t have the licence to produce figures from the new Doctor Who series).

Euan managed to find a company that produces minatures of the 10th Doctor, he ordered it, painted it and gave it to me on Christmas Day.  We are still missing figures for Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Doctor and for Paterson Joseph’s 11th Doctor (PJ is still the favourite for the role in this house!).