Beach umbrellas (parasols) and sun loungers on an empty beach. Sousse, Tunisia.

Had a number of Quality Control issues with my submissions to Alamy.  Mainly to do with the older images shot on my Canon 10D – the images I’ve been showing here on my POTD for the last week or so.  So I’m taking a break from uploading those images and turning my attention to preparing and uploading images taken with my current Canon 5D camera – I know the image quality is much better with this camera.

I think Alamy QC procedures are a bit odd – many of my best selling and regular selling images would probably fail the current quality control process.  But that doesn’t stop buyers buying and using them, nor does it stop Alamy making money out of them.  Oh well – such is the bizarre life of stock photography.  I’m not going to let it bother me, I’ll just think of that empty beach in Tunisa and relax!