A domed room above the main gate of the Ribat, a fortified monastery within the Medina, Sousse

For today’s POTD I want to ask you what you think of flairs.  Is is a good style?  No I’m not talking about 1970’s trousers… but lens flair.  I’ve read many times that lens flair is a bad thing… that’s why we fit lens hoods to our cameras.  May be it is because I like to photograph Middle Eastern / Arabic locations – but often I think a well positioned bit of lens flair can actually add to an image.  Take today’s POTD as an example – for me this wouldn’t tell the same story without the lens flair.  The lens flair tells say hot, it says sun beating down in a way that the rest of the image doesn’t.  Well that’s my opinion anyhow.  Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with me.